Andy Walmsley was born into a British show-business dynasty. Andy’s father was a famous TV comedian, his mother a fire eater! Andy’s grandmother was a silent movie pianist and his grandfather a bass player in an orchestra, his great grandfather was a headlining house hold name comedian. With show-business literally flowing thru his veins Andy Walmsley knows how to put on

At the tender age of 15 Andy designed a TV show for legendary British Magician Paul Daniels.

At the age of just 20 Andy broke records and became the first set designer ever to design a West End Musical, a record he also broke 3 years later when he designed his first Broadway Musical in New York.

By the age of 30 Andy was the most prolific designer in British TV with dozens of prime time shows running on all networks. During this period he also designed many West End musicals and tours.

Andy’s record breaking design for quiz show Who wants to be a Millionaire is the most duplicated scenic design in history with 105 duplicate versions of Andy’s set being built to the last detail in every developed country on earth.

In 2002 Andy Moved to Hollywood with Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe to design American Idol, the show quickly became the most successful television show in US history. Andy received three Emmy nominations for his work and won a prime time Emmy for outstanding production design for Idol.

Andy and the British team behind Idol went on to prove that Lightening can strike twice when thy created So you think you can Dance and Americas got talent both enormous hits.

Andy has worked in every area of entertainment, TV, Broadway, Ice shows, Circus, West End, Opera, Ballet. Disney theme parks and notably Las Vegas where Andy has designed more shows than any other designer.

Andy is still in demand as one of the best designers in the world while he is also enjoying a second career as show producer in Las Vegas.